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Wednesday 13 October 2021

Google App: Now PDF files can be created by scanning documents

Google has come up with a new and very useful app. This is the name of the app. Google Stack (Google PDF app) This app will allow users to scan their documents. This app will work like a camscanner. The Document Scanner App (Google PDF) uses Google’s DocAI. However, it is still only available to US Android users. It is still a wait for Indian users. According to the founder of the (PDF converter app) stack, the app is still in its infancy.

“I joined Google a few years ago, when my education startup Sophratic was featured,” said Stack’s team leader Christopher Pedrell. Socrates used Google’s computer vision and language understanding for high school students. So that he can learn easily. I think we can create an app to organize documents using this kind of technology, that’s where I come up with the idea. This app will work like a camscanner. The Document Scanner App (Google PDF) uses Google’s DocAI.

Google Stack App Features

  • There are many scenarios where Google Stack is very good from other document scanning apps. So, what
  • makes Google Stack App different from others? Here are the Google Stack App features:
  • Document scanning
  • Find your docs easily whenever you need it
  • Automatic back-up
  • Keep your documents private and secure

Click here to download the Google Stack App

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Documents will be scanned in PDF file

  • Pedrell said the app would scan bills, documents and receipts into a PDF file and automatically name the file a stack. The app lets you quickly scan a document for the information you need. The app will identify important information such as date or amount and keep it on top.

Fingerprint scanner will be found

  • For security, you will get the option of face or fingerprint scanner in the app. Users will also be able to save scanned documents to Google Drive in the stack app. The company has not yet announced when the app will be rolled out in India.

 Look to Speak Android App-  Google has launched a new app that will make it easier for people who are having trouble speaking to reach out to others. It is called 'Look To Speak'. This app will read the text written on the phone with the help of eyes and show it to the person in front. This app will work for people who have trouble speaking and have to use a device to communicate. The app's experiment has been developed on the Google platform.

This app is available through Google Play Store for all Android One devices and versions above Android 9.0. Apart from that, the app has many options, with the help of which users can set their own.

In 2020, together with her Speech and Language Therapist Richard Cave, she met with a small group from Google exploring how machine learning on smaller devices could make eye-gaze communication technology more accessible to more people.

The hope is that Look to Speak will be helpful to communities with varied types of temporary, permanent or situational disabilities. Learn how to use Look to Speak

To help users get set up we’ve created some resources: Play the tutorial video here to learn how to use Look to Speak, or find it in the app. Additional tips can be found in this downloadable guide.

People have to keep their phones stationary to use the app. He will then have to look like the text written on the phone. If it appears at the top, the app will handle the text written there aloud. This way the app will show what is written on the phone by looking down, left, or right. For him, this app tracks eye movements to see what users are watching.

The app already stores a number of questions such as what is your name ? why are you. Users will just have to look at it and the app will automatically ask the opposite person the same question that the user wants to ask. Another person in the app can also save voice notes in their own voice if they wish. Source -Google Play Store

Click Here for Download App

Google claims that all data is private and will never leave the phone. Google has created a tutorial and a guide to help people use this app. In which top tips are shown, such as how to keep the phone in any position, how to gesture with the eyes, such as…. The app's official blog claims that the app can make things easier for many people. With the help of this app, people can convey their message to others without any other device. There are already many questions in the app store

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